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Nicole and 50 cent will perform on American Idol


Nicole and 50 cent will perform on American Idol

The beautiful Nicole Scherzinger is back much sooner than expected and she’s coming with a friend. This Thursday May 15, 2011 Nicole will be lightin’ up the television screen with her boi ‘Fifty’. The duo will stage a live performance of their hit single “Right There” on the American Idol singing show. It’s about time we get to see them do a live performance. Their network debut will air on Fox at 8pm EST., Thursday night and I bet it will be a barn burner.

If you haven’t seen the video, well you don’t know what your missing. After seeing Nicole dripping ‘sexy, sexy’ all over that thing, you bet ya boots I’m peeling my eyes for the Idol Performance. Emmy nominated Paul Hunter directed the video so you know he brought out the best in Scherzinger. Just like what Candyman says “Sweets to the Sweet” and they just don’t get no sweeter than Nicole Scherzinger.

Oh yea, did I mention 50 Cent is gonna be on the stage with Nicole. Naw.., just kiddin’, no need to clown ‘5o’ cause that just goes without saying. Award winning Rapper / Movie Star / Clothing line / A to Da ‘G’ / Pimp on deck, I can’t say enough about him other than Mr. Gettin’ the Job Done.

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By Shawn Murphy

50 Cent

50 Cent

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