Could it be?  Has Tom Welling already scooped up his next role only days after the Smallville series came to a close?  According to What’s Playing, Welling, who portrayed the young Clark Kent, and future Man of Steel for ten season on the CW Network, could be in talks to star in a new comic book adaption through Marvel!  Which one?

Well according to the above mentioned source and several others, Tom could reportedly be joining forces with Marvel to appear in one of their previously mentioned ventures that includes Deathlok, Doctor Strange or possibly Runaways.  Just having Welling back in TV land would be cool…as long as the suit fits.

Since nothing is concrete as of yet, and just speculation, we’re wondering who Welling could play?  Could you see the former Smallville star in the the role of Stan Lee’s Doctor Strange, the famed hero who possesses magical powers and a slew of martial arts talents?  Or maybe he’ll play the cyborg Deathlok who has some similar powers to that of his previous superhero persona?  Time will tell!

Previously the Tom Welling was said to be considered for the role of The Huntsman in the upcoming Snow White adaption with Kristen Stewart, but movie heads opted to go with Thor’s Chris Hemsworth.  We’ll keep you posted!

Tom Welling
Tom Welling

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