This must be some script?!  Channing Tatum’s days as a stripper has not only delayed director Steven Soderbergh’s planned retirement, but it’s also got seasoned actress Demi Moore excited too!  So much, that the Striptease gal has singed on to play a seductress in the entitled biopic Magic Mike!  The film will chronicle Channing’s days as an adult entertainer before making it big in Hollywood! 

Demi and Soderbergh apparently met last week at the SoHo House in West Hollywood to talk about the script.  Moore was said to be “so excited about the film,” that she is now officially on board.

In the movie Moore will play a sultry seductress who reportedly sets her sights on Alex Pettyfer’s character, a rookie stripper who after breaking into the business takes the help of Channing, his experienced mentor.

Still in the post production phase at the moment, Magic Mike will be penned by Reid Carolin.  Demi Moore’s latest credits include LOL, a flick she just finished filming as the character Anne, 2011’s Margin Call, and Another Happy Day.

Alright Shockya readers – tell us what you think?! Will Demi and the star of ‘I Am Number Four’, Alex Pettyfer, make for some great on screen moments filled with chemistry?

Demi Moore
Demi Moore

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