In her previous release “Silent Screams” (2008) Eowyn was focused on encouraging those who were ensnared by depression, anger, loneliness, and insecurities that needed to cry out for help from Jesus Christ or family and friends. Eowyn’s heart poured upon this album often at times having her at the verge of tears. She explains that “It breaks my heart to see people hurting. I can’t help but cry, because I understand what they’re going through, and I truly known how they can be whole again.”

Now that three years have gone by she looks to “Beautiful Ashes” her follow-up release as her redemption to spirituality and restoring those dreams that may have been lost. She describes the meaning behind the title as follows “The purpose behind this album is to encourage others that God is a restorer of hope, and that He is a restore of dreams. That no matter what devastation has happened in their life and no matter how bad their circumstances seem around the, God wants to bring their situation back to life that it may become beautiful once again.”

Éowyn is no stringer to the feelings of loneliness and hopelessness let alone doubt she is well aware of all of these abnormal feelings. 2008 saw her in utter despair forcing her to sell everything that dealt with her musical career announcing her departure from the industry it was quite devastating. She says that “I was devastated and to be perfectly honest, didn’t know what to do or think. I questioned why God would allow this in my life, I felt as if everything that God had built up over the years has been reduced to rubble and ruins. But over the next 2 years, God began to rebuild my faith and slowly my hope returned as I turned all that I had over to Him. He began t show me the beauty that still lingered amidst the ashes.”

The title track sets the album up building a solid ground for what lays ahead. The guitars are heavy yet softened by the calm melodies of Éowyn’s vocal presences, her raw emotional context really providing that adrenaline rush that keeps the music in-depth and alive. “Dreams”, is a ballad tune that is offered that expresses a deeper progression than most ballad type tunes. “Alive”, has that electronic tone written all over it with the pounding beats of the guitar Éowyn overpowers the music altogether.

“The Music Box”, does precisely what it’s called, it has its music box tone that lingers for 10 seconds then fades away allowing the strings to do their thing but soon finds its way back into the moment. Éowyn vocal attics layering along the top this form being used several times before fading to rest.

“Beautiful Ashes” takes what we already know of Éowyn but enlightens it bringing back a meaning of why she does what she’s known to do.

by Natalie Perez

Eowyn Beautiful Ashes
Eowyn Beautiful Ashes

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