We can’t call ourselves chefs. We tend to stay away from the domesticated ways of a kitchen, but lately we find our growling stomachs lured towards the stove and away from the take out menu book. Who can we credit for this culinary revolution? Lali Puna’s video for the single, “Move On,” makes cooking look like another means for us to channel our creativity.

The Munich-based quartet’s single, “Move On,” is off their latest LP, Our Inventions, which dropped April 9th, 2010 via Morr Music. The music video release coincides with a brand new 7-inch on Morr Music, which features “Move On” as well as the previously unreleased tune, “See the Wood for Trees” on the b-side. “Move On” is the second video that London based artist, Yu Sato, has directed for the group and can now be watched over at Vimeo and at the MTV Hive premiere. Fans can check out the director’s first video for the band’s tune, “That Day,” on Vimeo as well.

Let’s get back to discussing the cooking skills of Lali Puna in “Move On.” In the video, a woman is peeling purple potatoes at her kitchen table. The scenery in the window behind her shows a gloomy and haunting day that becomes even creepier when you notice a slow moving ferris wheel in the background. The day might not be captivating, but the consistent peeling of the potatoes is enthralling enough. She peels to the beat of the song with a little visual graphic help. Without fixating her attention on the cutting of the crop, she is able to tilt her head back and forth without slicing her hand. You would think the fact that the potato skin is purple would intrigue us the most, but that is not the case. “Move On” has enough oddly placed elements for us to observe that the use of purple somehow seems normal.

Thank you Lali Puna for bringing out the chef within us. Maybe dying our food spontaneous colors and cooking them in a strange fashion will relieve our kitchen nightmares.

by Lonnie Nemiroff

Lali Puna: Move on from morr music on Vimeo.

By lonnie

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