Warning, only read this post if you can handle immensely exciting news without going into complete body shock. Are you ready for it? Well, here it goes whether you are prepared or not. The influential power we are speaking of is that of Jennifer Lopez and her recent album, ‘Love?’. Yes, it is true that we have an autographed booklet of ‘Love?’ and it can be all yours for free!

We have to make a correction on that previous statement. Free in this context means if you enter and win our JLO inspired giveaway. The theme of this giveaway revolves around the word, diva, which is a term crafted by JLO. We want you Shockya readers to tell us about your own diva moment. This brief anecdote should be no more than 300 words and must deliver a reaction of awe. The diva requirements are pretty general. We just want a tale where you commanded the attention of an audience and owned it.

You have until June 15th to give us a story that will have us “On The Floor” and you elevated on your throne. Remember to post your extravagant words in the comment section of this article and to e-mail your entry to freestuff@shockya.com. Keep in mind that JLO is the ultimate idol right now, so this diva inspired contest will be quite competitive.

While your at it check out JLO’s official website and be sure to follow her on Twitter!

by Lonnie Nemiroff

J LO Love
J LO Love

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