“That Little Ol’ Band from Texas” other wise known as ZZ Top, are blues-boogie rocker boys with all the elements of a veteran Southern rock band. It’s ironic how all “GREAT” rock bands have been influenced with a heavy connection to the blues. This is completely understandable, considering the rudimentary aspect of music lives with-in the blues. Billy Gibbons reveals, that two of the greatest legends of all time, BB King and Z Z Hill had such an affect on the guitarist and the band name ZZ Top.

The self-entitled “ZZ Tops First Album”, was released in January 1971. The album slipped through the charts failing miserable, however “Shaking your Tree” hit the Billboard Charts for #50. From Them now humble beginnings the masters of bluesy boogie have crossed over to legendary in their own rights. Inside a span of 40 years ZZ top has sold over 50 million worldwide. With 8 Top 40 hits and 6 of them went to number 1.

ZZ Top are without a question full on famers, “Rock and Roll Hall of Famers” to be exact. Releasing yet another CD, “ZZ Top Live in Germany 1980”, where the band performs live songs from their Albums “Deguello”, “Tres Hombres” and “Fandango”, with additional cover songs from Elmore James and Elvis Presley. Said to be one of ZZ Tops most impressive concerts ever is scheduled to be released by Eagle Rock Entertainment May 31st 2011. Their Mark is in stone forever.

Remember.. Rhythm Rotates the Earth.

By Shawn Murphy

ZZ Top Live in Germany
ZZ Top Live in Germany

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