Los Angele’s music scene has yet to displease me. Progressive metal rockers Clandestine is an energetic L.A. act that never seems to quit. Their first full-length debut “The Invalid”, and leading single “Disappear in You”, that’s been gaining the hits on YouTube has really launched these musicians into rockstar stardom. Frontwomen June Parks (vocals, programming), gave the rundown as to how to balance out everything within their lives at this point and where it will all likely end up.

How hard was it to get inked to a deal with Nightmare Records?

Nightmare Records contacted us after hearing our song on a progressive metal radio station one day which was a nice surprise.

Where did you showcase for Nightmare?

We never showcased for Nightmare in person; everything was done online.

The band has a new album out called ‘The Invalid’ what are your thoughts on the album?

I think it’s an album with a very diverse sound that has the right mixture of heavy and catchy parts – at least that’s what we attempted to do. It is our first full-length album, so there are some things we wish we could have done better but so far the responses have been great, so I try not to criticize it too much. It has been a while since we wrote the material, but we shouldn’t forget that The Invalid is still new to many people out there.

Can you give me a brief on what this album is all about and what it means to Clandestine?

Like I said before, The Invalid is all about balancing out and mixing what we like. We tried to combine different levels of dynamics and energy in to each song. As a result, the songs are quite unlike each other. I think The Invalid was a good first album, and I expect us to progress further from here.

Lyrically, The Invalid portrays hidden thoughts and reality beneath our minds without blurring it. It’s a confession to us, accepting our everyday disguise in many levels and different circumstances.

Do you have any personal favorites off the album?

It would be the song The Invalid; I like how the story and the musical dynamics of the song fit together to create a dramatic atmosphere. The quiet intro with a ticking clock and weakening voice, followed by the dissonant heaviness worked really well to express the madness and hardship for a patient who is going through an incurable disease. It’s also the most musically diverse song to perform for all of us. Many people have mentioned how much they liked the intricate guitar solo in The Invalid as well.

How can a fan of the band purchase this album?

You can download it from iTunes and Amazon mp3 or get the CD from Amazon or Nightmare Records.

In the video for “Disappear In You” you wear a very unique outfit is that a skirt or dress? Where in the world did you find that?

It’s called a cage skirt. I find most of my outfits from various online stores and foreign shops.

Can you explain as to why your hair is split into the colors blue and purple? Are those your favorite colors?

Yes they are.

When getting interview how do you manage to answer all of the questions ask differently each and every time asked?

I just don’t think about what I answered last time so I don’t end up saying exactly the same thing. Instead, I paraphrase or add thoughts I didn’t get to mention before.

June, Dan and Mark, you were all enrolled in the Musicians Institute of Hollywood what was it like being in one of the leading music schools available in the Los Angeles area?

It was definitely the most fun school I’ve ever attended! I met so many great people there including the faculty and students.

Have any last words?

People tend to speak negatively of things they don’t know the most.

by Natalie Perez


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