If your gonna name the band after a Mexican brothel, you better be cookin it up hot like E&J. In the Southwestern regional half of the U.S., E&J is a great big ol’ heaping of eggs and jalapenos. A tasty dish of course if prepared properly to ones liking, warm and spicy’s my favorite. Hey, rock and roll-mexican brothels, E&J Brandy or eggs and jalapenos, I’m guessing these Vegas boys is “liking it warm and spicy” too.

Adelitas Way is supercharged, in your face ‘rock’, hits the adrenaline valves with pure high-octane ‘roll’. Since 2005 the band has been together with a single personal change, but that has not changed their momentum. In 2008 Adelitas Way linked-up with Virgin Records and released hit single “Invincible” from self titled album “Adelitas Way”. That track was so powerful it became the theme song for WWE Show: WWE Superstars. After living an unforgettable Tijuana party to representing beat-down matches for world wide wrestling, supercharged may be an understatement.

Sin City’s lil Devils have come up with another invention, releasing their sophomore album “Home School Valedictorian”. Adelitas Way first single titled “Sick” is pretty cold, so look for it on the bands YouTube Channel and catch the album out in stores June 7th 2011.

The band will also be doing a moderate amount of touring this summer starting June 2nd 2011 @ the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville, TN with Seether Tour Dates this June. With the second half of summer devoted to the 2nd annual Carnival of Madness Tour. Adelitas Way will be headlining with Black Cherry Stone, Theory of a Deadman, Alter Bridge and Empathic. Keepin’ it interesting and keepin’ it hot is how these Vegas boys do.

For more information check out Adelitaswayrock.com.

Remember..Rhythm Rotates the Earth

By Shawn Murphy

Adelitas Way
Adelitas Way

By smurphy

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