Duke Nukem was an essential element of my youth, growing up it became the epitome of the 90’s running steadily on my pentium one equipped laptop. When a sequel was announced I remember scrounging for scraps of info from EGM and GamePro waiting in anticipation…waiting…waiting. Having it released should foreshadow the coming apocalypse, fulfilling some long forgotten prophecy scrawled on the Egyptian walls of ancient times. My interest in it is genuine, but my anticipation is perhaps nonexistant. It could be released and bring with it the accolades of the entire gaming media, but in an age where we have “matured” I would be more excited about The Wizard 2.

Zero-lives is a weekly comic strip lampooning the world of video games from the 8bit predecessors to the current systems. If it’s video game related it’s fair game. Rated E for everyone.

By Shane Parker, (Zero-lives.blogspot.com)

Duke Nukem Forever
Duke Nukem Forever

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