Title: Blood Night – The Legend of Mary Hatchet

Directed by: Frank Sabatella

Starring: Danielle Harris, Bill Moseley and Nate Dushku

Running Time: 85 minutes, Rated R

In 1978 during a thunderstorm, 12 year old Mary got her first period, cut off all her hair and kills her entire family with a hatchet. She was placed into a mental institution and 10 years later she was raped and impregnated by a perverse night guard. She loses the baby and goes on another rampage, killing the entire institutional staff in various ways. She is then gunned down by the police and becomes a sort of urban legend folk story. A handful of dumb high school kids decide to take this town holiday dubbed “Blood Night” and go play with an Ouija board on Mary’s grave; because taunting the dead is just awesome. Afterwards they head back to one’s house where they plan a night of drinking and debauchery, as kids tend to do, and the ghost of “Mary Hatchet” begins to pick them off at their most vulnerable. With the help of “Graveyard Gus,” the cemetery’s groundskeeper and resident drunk, he tells them the only way to satiate Mary’s ghost is to reunite her with the remains of her baby. Simple enough.

Lots of blood, gore, boobs, decapitation and scissor head gouging. This movie was not scary as it was ridiculous. Completely predictable story and the twist was not so twisty. All the characters were a-holes, so I really didn’t care if they survived.

The DVD extras include outtakes, cast and crew interviews and a “making of” segment which I found more entertaining than the actual movie. I usually am entertained by low-brow humor and campy horror, but with a running time of only an hour and 25 minutes, I couldn’t wait for this movie to finally end.

Total Rating: D

Reviewed by JM Willis

Bill Moseley in Blood Night - The Legend of Mary Hatchet
Bill Moseley in Blood Night - The Legend of Mary Hatchet

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