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Blu-ray Review: Drive Angry


Blu-ray Review: Drive Angry

Title: Drive Angry

Directed by: Patrick Lussier

Starring: Nicholas Cage, Amber Heard, William Fichtner, Billy Burke and David Morse

Running time: 104 minutes, Rated R, Also available on Blu-ray & Blu-ray 3D

John Milton escapes hell to avenge his daughter’s death and save his infant granddaughter from the satanic magicians who want to sacrifice her under the full moon at midnight. With the help of a badass truck-stop waitress driving a sweet charger and the mysterious “Accountant” on their trail, bodies start to pile up in their wake as they track down the evil Jonah King, and rescue the baby.

Who smells an Oscar? Probably not, but Drive Angry was actually quite entertaining. My first reaction to the first 5 minutes was filled with vocal expletives and partial-shielding of the eyes. It’s a guilty pleasure type film. Lots of naked women, guns, fast cars and ass-kicking; it’s a redneck’s wet dream.

The homage or blatent rip-off of the sex scene from Shoot ’em Up was hilarious because Cage’s acting was so bland. In a lot of the scenes he just looked like he was totally bored and out of it and was only there to pay off his taxes. Amber Heard was adorable and William Fichtner was just super cool. If they were to make a sequel or spinoff film, I want to see more of his “Accountant” or Satan’s executive assistant character. Calling the lead character “John Milton” was a bit of a groaner. It was a sort of salute or finger to the literate; you can take your pick.

The Blu-ray extras include a commentary with Director Patrick Lussier and Writer Todd Farmer, and two lame deleted scenes with commentary. The access (connect to internet) option includes a body count tracker to which there is a-lot.

Despite the fact that Nicholas Cage completely phoned in his performance, Amber Heard proved herself a potential lead actress and little girls will be shocked to see Bella’s dad in a villain role (Billy Burke as Jonah – he’s in the Twilight film franchise). There was never down time in the whole movie, so it was perfect for people with ADD or people who just love action and fantasy. It’s a fun flick to add to your collection.

Total rating: B

Reviewed by JM Willis

Drive Angry 3D Blu-ray

Drive Angry 3D Blu-ray

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