According to Variety, Brandon Routh has been cast as the star of the film “Crooked Arrows”, a film about a motley Native American high school lacrosse team who are forced to become a part of the local prep school league, comprised of better equipped and trained teams.

Routh will play the tribal chairman’s part-Native American business-savvy son who decides to coach the team in the hopes that he’ll reconnect with his tribe.

Before anyone goes calls out “racebending” (I would be among those people, let me assure you), Variety has stated that Routh actually has ties to Native Americans. According to the article, Routh is a descendant of the Kickapoo Tribe. Who knew? Also, Sports Studio, the team behind “Miracle”, will co-produce along with J. Todd Harris and Mitchell Peck with a focus on “authentic athletic casting, outfitting, and choreography.” Reebok is also the film’s first athletic sponsor.

Routh said the storyline of “Crooked Arrows” touched him. “I was moved by the script,” he said. “While it has all the ingredients of a classic underdog sports movie, it actually appealed to me on a deeper level. I think the father-son and brother-sister dynamics of the story are compelling, as is [the] more spiritual Native American aspect.”

The film will go into production in Boston this July. What do you think about the film? Sound off below.

Brandon Routh
Brandon Routh

By Monique Jones

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2 thoughts on “Brandon Routh To Star As A Native American in Crooked Arrows”
  1. Descendent is a term grossly misused and way too easily thrown around when people are scrambling around to come up with a way to claim they are American Indian. While Mr. Routh “may be” Kickapoo, I would be willing to bet he has no idea what that means, where it comes from and that they had to dig pretty deep down inside his proverbial cultural background hat to come up with that one. A finger prick bleed would likely result in Mr. Routh losing the Kickapoo in him. It is disappointing for our American Indian community to see that a film about a sport originated by us by-passed one of our own for this role. If the argument is that Routh is an A-lister, that is easily argued in that the remake of Superman, which was a flop, hardly constitutes him an A-list actor. Chaske Spencer (Lakota) who plays Sam Uley in the Twilight Series as the leader of the wolf pack if probably far more recognizable than Mr. Routh, and would have been a much better choice. And he is just one of many who should have been given this opportunity. 

  2. WOW Brandon Ruth has gotten a job, I thought he was just about over. Look I will admit he was good in Zac And Miri in his cameo, but Superman …. 
    From Ric The Real Stooge
    Welcome To The Stooge Revolution

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