To honor today’s total lunar eclipse, Google has posted a live doodle featuring real-time footage of the astronomical event. On the search engine’s home page, the second “O” in the official Google logo has been replaced with a full moon. The transformation of the moon into a total lunar eclipse is revealed, showing the moon, Earth and sun lining up.

Earth then casts a shadow on the moon, and during the darkest part of the shadow, the moon is engulfed in a gray and brick red color. The moon changes color because blue light and other short wavelengths scatter more in the Earth’s atmosphere.

As part of its mission to broadcast a live view of the universe, Google collaborated with the online Space Camera Slooh. The two broadcast a live feed of the lunar eclipse, as seen from South Africa, Dubai and Cypris.

“Broadcasting the lunar eclipse online in collaboration with Google creates the power to touch all of humanity at once,” Slooh’s founder, Michael Paolucci, said. “It’s an opportunity to celebrate our community, and appreciate a moment of global synchronicity.”

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Written by: Karen Benardello

Google Doodle Lunar Eclipse
Google Doodle Lunar Eclipse

Google Doodle Full Lunar Eclipse

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