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Person Associated With Tupac Shakur's Death Arrested Under Cocaine Charges


Person Associated With Tupac Shakur's Death Arrested Under Cocaine Charges

AOL Boombox and The New York Post are reporting that Jimmy “Henchmen” Rosemond, founder of Czar Entertainment, has been arrested today, June 21, under charges of cocaine trafficking. The arrest warrant has been out since May, and ever since then, Rosemond has been lying low.

Two informants from Rosemond’s organization helped bust Rosemond; according to the article, the DEA states that Rosemond oversaw the shipment of hundreds of kilos of cocaine from Los Angeles to New York. The drugs were shipped in musical road cases being used under the name of Rosemond’s company. However, even though he was running from the law, Rosemond denies any affiliation to drug trafficking.

A break in the cold Tupac Shakur murder case last week came from inmate Dexter Isaacs, who said that Rosemond paid him $2,500 to rob Shakur on the night of his death. According to an exclusive interview Boombox had with Noble, a member of Shakur’s group Outlawz, Shakur knew his killer was Isaac. “‘Pac knew what the hell happened,” Noble said. “It’s just now this dude comin’ out and saying, ‘Yo, I did it,’ but ‘Pac said that s— when he was alive. Now you got this dude coming out and basically confirming what ‘Pac said. It’s nothing that we didn’t know.” And news also broke last week that Rosemond is allegedly tied to the death of an associate of Tony Yayo.

Rosemond is expected to be arraigned in Brooklyn today.

What do you make of this news? Do you feel that we might actually be coming to the end of the Shakur murder case? Sound off below.

Jimmy Henchmen Rosemond

Jimmy Henchmen Rosemond

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