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Interview: Terri Director Azazel Jacobs


Interview: Terri Director Azazel Jacobs

As someone currently testing the filmmaking waters, speaking to a director like Azazel Jacobs is incredibly encouraging. For lack of better terms, Jacobs’ work isn’t motivated by the fame and the fortune, rather a passion for storytelling. Jacobs has already delivered a few well-received features all getting their due praise on the festival circuit and, while Jacobs is confident he’s made it, I’d like to see him take it one step further as his latest feature, Terri, is certainly deserving of more widespread attention.

The film stars Jacob Wysocki as a school outcast named Terri. When he’s not at home caring for his ailing uncle, Terri’s at school just trying to get through the day suffering from as little bullying as possible. When a few tardies catch the attention of the vice principal, a session with Mr. Fitzgerald (John C. Reilly) turns into a bonding session over malt balls rather than a detention sentence. With Mr. Fitzgerald’s guidance, Terri tries to pull through the tough times, making some friends and teetering the line between adolescence and adulthood.

In honor of Terri’s July 1st limited release, Jacobs sat down to tell us all about the entire filmmaking process from developing the story with first time screenwriter Patrick Dewitt to his hunt for the perfect Terri up to his plans for a new project, a detective story. Check it all out and much more in the video interview below.

By Perri Nemiroff

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