The Annihilation DLC hit Xbox Live early on June 28. Being a hardcore gamer, I stayed up till the map pack was released. The first thing that I did was play the new zombies map Shangri-La. When I started I found myself in a completely new environment the remains of a once glorious and ancient civilization. I stumbled upon motion-sensitive traps, underground tunnels, a run-down village. Shangri-La was constantly changing my strategies one second I would be running from a massive wave of zombies and then a trap would stop me in tracks or I would get an instant kill and the a monkey would come out of nowhere and take it from me. But the one thing that stopped me the most was the new zombies, napalm zombies, and the shrieker zombies. The napalm zombies would come out of nowhere and throw a fiery hot mess at me and the round would be over. The most devastating out of the two was the shrieker zombies they would rush at me and blind me with their screams and then the giant horde of zombies over ran me and the round was over.

The great part about map packs for Call of Duty Black Ops is the refreshment of muilplayer. Everyone one knows that playing the same maps for months on end gets old but the annihilation map pack has a solution to the problem. The map pack includes four new mutilplayer maps; Drive-in, Hangar 18, Hazard, and Silo.

The first map is ‘Drive-In’ which is an abandoned outdoor cinema which is a medium sized map but it a really Close quarters kinda map but there’s tons of tight spaces to pop out of and nooks and crannies to run through. Drive-In lives on action and, in some ways, the element of surprise. It is the go-to map for insane Team Deathmatch and Free-for-All action, in my opinion the map is pretty good.

The second map for muliplayer is ‘Hangar 18’ which is set in the famous Area 51 it’s a medium sized map but some good areas for sniping and just plain camping. But layout wise and the size there’s certainly a lot of fun to be had the action heats up in the central part of the map and if your smart you can snake around and pick your fights on the outskirts of the map. Over all Hangar 18 is an alright map but there some up sides and down side about it as well.

The third edition to muliplayer is ‘Hazard’, a cliff side golf course in which has all of sniping and is an exact remake of Call of Duty World at War’s Cliffside. If you’ve played World at War you can already tell how this map plays. Snipers scoped in down the center of the map and everyone else battling it out on the two side routes through out the map. But in my opinion it’s a wonderful remake and is greatly updated to fit Black Ops style.

The fourth and final edition to muilplayer and my personal favorite out of the pack is ‘Silo’, an abandoned missile launch facility the map is medium sized Its and over all good map for any kind of player it has wide open flank routes for all you snipers out there but it also very tight areas that you can keep under control with a good couple of shots with an assault rifle. Over all I think that is the best map out of the whole pack and it bring the fun back into mutilplayer.

Stay tuned for our full review for the Annihilation Map pack.

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By Brent Butler

Call of Duty Black Ops Annihilation
Call of Duty Black Ops Annihilation

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