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Ironclad Spills Blood And Guts On YouTube


Ironclad Spills Blood And Guts On YouTube

How about a little blood and guts before bed? A montage of gruesome battle scenes from the upcoming film Ironclad popped up on YouTube and it’s brimming with grisly sword battles, dismembered limbs and impalements all drenched in the brightest red blood.

When you’re finished soaking up this gory goodness, be sure to check out the film’s trailer as it shows that Ironclad is much more than a series of wicked fight scenes. The year is 1215 and King John (Paul Giamatti) is furious for having been forced to sign the Magna Carta. To retaliate, he assembles an army and moves to take London. But first, he must conquer Rochester Castle manned by Baron Albany (Brian Cox) and his small army.

Ironclad isn’t due out in theaters until July, but for now, brace yourself and check out that ultra-violent montage below.

By Perri Nemiroff

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