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Exclusive: Post-Shoot Piranha 3DD Update From Danielle Panabaker


Exclusive: Post-Shoot Piranha 3DD Update From Danielle Panabaker

Stay out of the water because come November 23rd, the man-eating piranha of Lake Victoria are back, this time, terrorizing a water park. Shockya recently had the opportunity to speak with Danielle Panabaker about her upcoming film, The Ward, but before wrapping up, she took the time to touch on the Piranha 3D sequel, Piranha 3DD.

“We actually wrapped a couple weeks ago. It was a really quick shoot,” Panabaker explained. “I want to say, I was probably only there a month or so, maybe five weeks.” Of course a short shoot for an actress in a horror film doesn’t exactly bode well for the character’s lifespan, but Panabaker politely dodged the question so as not to spoil any of the film, “You’ll just have to wait and see!”

However, the actress had no problem going into detail about her character and the premise of the film:

Piranha takes place in a water park, not too far from where the last Piranha movie took place, and my character is a young woman coming back from being at grad school studying marine biology to run her family water park for the summer. Some fishy things start to happen as soon as she gets back and, as a marine biologist, she starts to investigate and soon comes face-to-face with the piranha.”

Panabaker was also eager to sing the praises of her talented co-cast. “Matt Bush is super talented.” She added, “David Hasselhoff came and hung out and worked for us for a couple days and I think he’s really funny. He was funnier than I was prepared for, so I’m excited to see what he brings to the film.” While Piranha 3DD does boast a fairly fresh cast as the piranha butchered just about everyone in the first film, Christopher Lloyd’s character managed to make it out alive and Panabaker is thrilled about it, “Christopher Lloyd’s back and it was such a delight to work with him, such an iconic actor.”

So now, what can we expect of Piranha 3DD? Panabaker has yet to see a final cut, but said, “I actually ran into one of our producers back in LA and he said it’s cutting together really nicely, so I’m excited. I hope it’s as funny as the first film was.” According to Panabaker the outlook is good for Piranha 3DD and hopefully for us that means the film will be a bloody good time.

By Perri Nemiroff

Danielle Panabaker

Danielle Panabaker

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