The females have spoken! “Bridesmaids” has upset long-standing female box-office gold “Sex and the City” to become the highest-grossing R-rated female comedy ever.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Bridesmaids” is set to top “Sex and the City” this Fourth of July weekend. According to the site, “Bridesmaids” has accumulated $152.9 million through Sunday, whereas “Sex and the City” took in $152.6 million when it was in theaters.

Not only is “Bridesmaids” the top-grossing R-rated female comedy, but it’s also Universal’s biggest romantic comedy ever as well as the seventh best romantic comedy ever, according to tracking service Cinseys. Also, it’s Judd Apatow’s highest-grossing film.

To me, it feels like this says something about female audiences in general. I think the success of “Bridesmaids” shows that part of the female audience that wasn’t being addressed by moviemakers came out in droves to support this film, because not every woman is going to froth at the mouth about the lates “Sex and the City” movie. “Bridesmaids” gets those women who want to see a female-driven movie that is a little rougher around the edges.

What do you think about this, though? Do you feel the wild success of “Bridesmaids” has a much deeper meaning? Sound off below.


By Monique Jones

Monique Jones blogs about race and culture in entertainment, particularly movies and television. You can read her articles at Racialicious, and her new site, COLOR . You can also listen to her new podcast, What would Monique Say.

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