The official poster for “Final Destination 5” hit the Internet, to surprisingly, a lot of fanfare. It’s amazing that this series has lasted five movies, which leads Hollywood to a tend of overstaying their welcome.

Albeit, I was pretty apathetic to “Fast Five” before it was released and upon seeing the movie, I was hooked. This is an example of how to breathe new life into a lackluster series. At the same time, we saw the advent of “Scream 4”, a film series that desperately needed a jumpstart into a new decade but couldn’t live up to modern standards and a new generation of general audience. The “Resident Evil” series is another film series that somehow made it past two movies and there looks like that series will join the five movie plus group.

What is it about “Final Destination” that makes audiences comeback for more? I guess it’s the elaborate kills but even those get boring after an hour. It can’t be the story and it can’t be cast. Maybe it’s the sense of human nature that relates to our desire for blood lust. After all, the “Saw” series lasted, a whooping, seven movies, and there are some talks to adding to that to make it an even eight.

At the end of the day, these movies are not very expensive to produce and they do draw in an audience, but when is enough, enough. I guess there is no final destination for the “Final Destination” series. Here’s to summer 2013.

“Final Destination 5” hit theaters on August 12th.


by @Rudie_Obias

Final Destination 5
Final Destination 5

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