And so the HBO Documentary Films summer series continues. We’ve already seen a handful of provocative films including Bobby Fischer Against the World, A Matter of Taste: Serving Up Paul Liebrandt, Sex Crimes Unit and more, and on Monday, July 11th at 9:00pm ET/PT, it’ll be Love Crimes of Kabul‘s turn to join the ranks.

Directed by Tanaz Eshaghian, Love Crimes of Kabul covers life in Kabul, Afghanistan nine years after the fall of the Taliban. Even with the oppressive regime out of the picture, Sharia Family Law’s strict policies are still in effect, resulting in many women serving time in Badam Bagh Women’s Prison for offenses like running away from home and adultery alongside attempted suicide bombers and murders.

The piece focuses on three women in particular. There’s 20-year-old Kareema, who became pregnant out of wedlock. The only chance she has to regain her freedom is to marry the father of her child, but he refuses. Aleema is a 22-year-old runaway who was sold to an undercover cop by a companion, Zia. As both are set to be tried together, Zia demands Aleema marry her son in order to assuage their power struggle. Lastly there’s Sabereh, an 18-year-old sent to the prison by her father when he catches her in a closet with a boy.

The film debuts on HBO on Monday at 9:00pm, but, just in case you miss it, it’ll re-air on July 11th at 5:15am, the 14th at 1:30pm, the 16th at 1:15pm, the 19th at 10:45am and the 24th at 4:30pm. Love Crimes of Kabul will also play on HBO2 on July 13th at 8:00pm. Next up after Love Crimes of Kabul in the summer series will be Mann V. Ford set to air on July 18th and There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane playing on July 25th.

By Perri Nemiroff

By Perri Nemiroff

Film producer and director best known for her work in movies such as FaceTime, Trevor, and The Professor. She has worked as an online movie blogger and reporter for sites such as,, Shockya, and MTV's Movies Blog.

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