We have only one complaint about Beyonce’s video for the track, “Best Thing I Never Had.” The four minute video should have included Jay-Z as her groom. We hardly see tabloid pictures of the couple together, so it would have been nice to actually have a few recent clips of the lovebirds. Oh well, either way we are captivated by Beyonce in this latest release.

“Best Thing I Never Had,” which is off of her latest album, ‘4’, is the ballad of all ballads. The lyrics of the tune are extremely catchy, mostly due to our ability to relate to them. With most break-ups comes the pain; it takes self-confidence to rid ourselves of these struggles, so we can seek love again. With this track, Beyonce continues to give inspirational messages to women, who “run the world.” So, thank you Beyonce;, for once again, providing us with the therapy we needed.

The tune’s video visually captures the self-assurance we have just discussed. Beyonce is glowing and looks fearless both in her white lingerie and wedding gown. You can feel the strength within her and also the jealousy of the ex. The meaning of the tune is pretty explicit already when you just hear the song alone, but the video heightens the emotions of the story and makes the track all the more empowering.

If you are experiencing heartbreak, this video will alleviate you of your grief temporarily, but by clicking replay you can make that relief permanent.

by Lonnie Nemiroff

By lonnie

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