Time to get your laugh on with the comedy band, The Axis of Awesome. The Australian comedy group consists of lead vocalist, Jordan Raskopoulos, keyboardist and vocalist Benny Davis and guitarist, Lee Naimo. The group is spreading their awesomeness throughout Australia and around the world with their mixture of original comedy songs and pop parodies. The Axis of Awesome’s song, “4 Chords” is one of the highest rated comedy videos of all time on YouTube and has received over 20 million hits. The giggles don’t stop there. The group recently won the Time Out Award for Best Australian Act at the Sydney Comedy Festival and they also received the Moosehead Award for their first ever Melbourne International Comedy Festival show, “The Axis of Awesome Comeback Spectacular”. You can check out the band’s US debut album, Animal Vehicle, which dropped on July 12th.

Let’s turn the attention to you Shockya readers. We have got an autographed poster of The Axis of Awesome. What you have to do for us to win this poster is pretty straightforward. In no more than 300 words, we want to hear a tale about a prank. It can involve a prank that was done to you or a prank you did to someone else. Just brighten up our day and make us laugh. We can use these anecdotes as prank pointers as well.

You have until August 2nd to have us in tears of amusement. If you win, you can tack that poster up on your bedroom wall and start your day off with a laugh by simply glancing at the joking trio. Remember to post your humorous words in the comment section of this article and to e-mail your entry to freestuff@shockya.com.

by Lonnie Nemiroff

The Axis of Awesome
The Axis of Awesome

By lonnie

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