The first image from Francis Ford Coppola’s upcoming horror ‘Twixt’ has arrived showcasing actress Elle Fanning.  The photo snapped is of the young performer being directed by Coppola on set.  Done up in goth like attire, the thirteen year old Fanning plays a ghost in the upcoming movie that follows a “declining writer” by the name of Hall Baltimore (played by Val Kilmer) who finds himself in a little town while on a book tour.  While there he ends up in the middle of a murder mystery surrounding a young girl.  After being visited by a ghost named V (Fanning), Baltimore comes to find the truth behind the killing that has “more to do with his own life and he could’ve ever anticipated.”

Filming is currently taking place in several locations throughout California.  Per IMDb, Coppola is shooting in Napa Valley, Upper Lake, and Pope Valley.  The director is pulling off multiple duties on ‘Twixt’ as director, producer, and screenplay writer.  Aside from Elle Fanning and Val Kilmer, the 2012 release features actress Bruce Dern, Ben Chaplin, Joanne Whalley, Don Novello, Lisa Bailes, and Alden Ehrenreich.  ‘Twixt’ is also part of this year’s San Diego Comic Con with a panel being held on July 23rd.

Elle Fanning in Twixt

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