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SDCC 2011: Fright Night Press Conference


SDCC 2011: Fright Night Press Conference

Now that the Twilight madness is long gone, there’s room for more vampires at San Diego Comic Con, Jerry Dandridge to be exact. Colin Farrell stars as the new vampire next door with his eye on sucking the blood out of all of poor Charley Brewster’s (Anton Yelchin) loved ones. To gear up for the film’s August 19th release, Farrell and Yelchin as well as Imogen Poots who plays Charley’s girlfriend, Amy, Christopher Mintz-Plasse who plays his best pal, “Evil” Ed, director Craig Gillespie, writer Marti Noxon and Chris Sarandon, Jerry Dandridge from Tom Holland’s 1985 original, hit the Hilton Bayfront to discuss their revamped version of Fright Night.

As this video is fairly lengthy, roughly 23 minutes long, take a look at the breakdown below so you can skip around as you please.

0:50 – Who’d win in a fight, Jerry or Edward Cullen?
1:15 – Noxon talks about updating the original film for a modern audience.
2:22 – Farrell talks about the similarities and differences between the new and old Jerry.
4:00 – Farrell talks about his love of vampires and why it drew him to the role.
5:12 – Farrell talks about how becoming a father effects his decision making in terms of taking on new roles.
5:55 – Poots talks about David Tennant’s potential of going from Doctor Who to becoming a big Hollywood star.
7:00 – Noxon and Gillespie discuss whether or not the new films maintains the original’s campy and whimsical tone.
8:29 – After a few jokes and a microphone mishap, Yelchin discusses the physicality of his role.
10:30 – Sarandon explains what surprised him the most about seeing this story in 3D. Gillespie chimes in to discuss the use of the technology.
12:15 – Yelchin talks about keeping the story fresh when it’s been done before.
13:45 – They discuss their favorite type of vampire. (Sparkling Twilight vampire vs. more brutal ones from 30 Days of Night.)
15:00 – Gillespie and Noxon talk about vampires’ typically homoerotic nature and how it’s portrayed in the film.
16:00 – Sarandon recalls his reaction when he first found out about the plan to remake Fright Night.
16:50 – Gillespie and Noxon discuss their takes on the horror genre in general and where Fright Night falls on the spectrum.
18:07 – Noxon discusses what she took from her past with vampires to Fright Night.
19:50 – Gillespie and Noxon discuss if Jerry Dandridge will kick off a resurgence of manly, sexy vampires. The group jokes about bringing the sexy back to vampires.
21:10 – Poots talks about being the only female on the panel and one of few in the cast.
22:08 – Sarandon compares Farrell’s performance to his own.
22:50 – The group explains why you should see the new Fright Night

By Perri Nemiroff

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