Filling Hall H at Comic-Con this year, the cast of ‘Supernatural’ previewed a clip of the upcoming seventh season, particularly the third episode, which lead star Jensen Ackles directed, TVLine is reporting. The actor-turned-director described the episode as “a little slice of life back into Sam’s past.”

The sneak preview focused on Sam, who is played by ‘Supernatural’s other lead actor, Jared Padalecki, as he reunites with one of his childhood friends, portrayed by guest star Jewel Staite. Sam realizes that his old friend, who is using the alias Amy Pond (a tribute to ‘Doctor Who’), killed again. Amy responds by saying “You know the kind of person I am,” before offering to show him what’s behind a secret door, only if he drops his knife. Sam says he’ll only drop the knife if she opens the door.

The episode will be Ackles’ second directorial effort on the show, the first being Season 6’s fourth episode, ‘Weekend at Bobby’s.’ The episode follows Bobby, played by Jim Beaver, as he discovers the Crossroads demon Crowley has no intention of returning Sam’s soul. While ‘Weekend at Bobby’s’ heavily focused on Beaver’s character, Ackles’ second directorial effort will feature more of Dean and Sam. Ackles described both helming and appearing in the new episode as being a more difficult experience.

The cast revealed other tidbits about the upcoming season, including the fact that Misha Collins, whose character, the angel Castiel, ascended to the role of God in the Season 6 finale, will appear in the first few episodes. Although he won’t be returning as a series regular, he still described portraying God as “incredibly daunting” and an “interesting challenge to work on.” Showrunner Sera Gamble added that Jo, Crowley, Sheriff Mills and Death will all be returning next season, in addition to new characters.

Written by: Karen Benardello

Supernatural Season 7
Supernatural Season 7

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