Title: Born To Ride

Directed by: James Fargo

Starring: Casper Van Dien, Patrick Muldoon, William Forsythe and Theresa Russell

Running time: 90 minutes, Not Rated

Mike and Alex are friends and motorcycle enthusiasts who decide to go on a road trip to Sturgis when they somehow get tangled in a plot involving political blackmail and corruption. After stopping to visit Mike’s mom and some fellow bikers, they are unknowingly slipped some evidence from the blackmailers that could possibly get them killed

Casper Van Dien and Patrick Muldoon are back together again after 14 years since Starship Troopers. Their acting has shown improvement, but unfortunately they’re doing straight to DVD fare like this. Theresa Russell who is only 11 years older than Van Dien is playing his mother. She pulls off a hot mom, and though it’s plausible to be his mother, it just doesn’t sit right. With exception to William Forsythe and Branscombe Richmond, everyone else with speaking parts was less than adequate to laughably bad, and that’s putting it nicely. I will say that Tammy Ledbetter who plays William Forsythe’s wife had the best line in the movie about what she can do to help her husband relax, and it’s almost as random as the infamous line from Shark Attack 3.

It was hokey to say the least. The writing was completely jumbled and confusing. The filmmakers had two separate movies in mind that they wanted to mash together, but they wanted the main focus to be about the bikers, but the bikers had little to do with the actual movie. The ending had even less to do with either storyline. It really was just a big mess.

The soundtrack is oozing with cheese and you just have to put on the subtitles in order to read the utterly brilliant song lyrics; and by brilliant I mean s***. Seriously, I wanted to rip my ears off after a few seconds of the title song.

There were no special features other than the trailer. The only consistent part of the movie is the actual footage from Sturgis with all the real bikers. If they just filmed that, it might’ve made a better movie.

Total rating: F

Reviewed by JM Willis

Born To Ride
Born To Ride

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