Theatrical rock act Farewell, My Love has opened the doors to what they see as a vision of an evolutionary world where art is everything. To them they say that there is no label that can place the sound that they have created or trap them within a single type of genre. This genre they have made is one that only they know how to create and make of. Much which can be heard on the debut EP “A Dance You Won’t Forget” and current single “Wrong & Right”. The EP foretells the tale of 6-tracks that really drives and directs their source of sound and which way they want to take their musical vision and approach of doing things. Guitarist Robby Creasey discusses the band’s single, EP debut where as he and the band put it, “You won’t forget us” nothing simpler than that.

First off, tell me the tale of Farewell, My Love.

Farewell, My Love originally came about when Caleb and Robby’s first band together ended because of different personal struggles and issues. A year later, Robby met Chad and happened to share the same theatrical vision musically. We decided to use the name ‘Farewell, My Love’ because it fit the emotional and visual aspects of our project perfectly. After searching for a vocalist for months, we decided to bring Caleb into the mix. That’s when we started the writing for our debut EP. After another few months, we decided to bring Gary into the band, completing the current lineup.

Your genre of choice is theatrical rock, describe it and why did you want to go in this direction?

It is very important to us that music is dramatic, emotional and visual. We want to add a theatrical edge to our sound so listeners can see and feel our music as much as they can hear it.

Are you guys current signed or unsigned?

We are currently unsigned.

Tell me about your single “Wrong & Right” what’s the song about and it comes off your debut EP “A Dance You Won’t Forget” correct?

Wrong & Right was written about Caleb’s struggles with addiction in the past. And yes, it is off of our EP.

“A Dance You Won’t Forget” what is the meaning behind a title like that?

You won’t forget us.

What about the music itself lyrically what do your songs discuss? Where do you get your inspiration from?

Our songs are all written about Caleb’s past addictions, relationships and personal struggles.

You guys are from Phoenix, Arizona so I take it your summer vacation hasn’t been all that great in the weather sense?

Its fucking hot, we stay inside.

Since you are from Arizona are you familiar with a horror punk rock act called Calabrese? If not, I suggest you check them out.

We’re not familiar with them but we will check them out!

Speaking of bandsĀ from listening to your style you guys sound like Fall Out Boy meets Escape The Fate would you agree or disagree?

Its hard to agree or disagree because, to us, we’re just ‘Farewell, My Love’. Fans and listeners compare us to one band or another sometimes but in the end, they know us as ‘Farewell, My Love’. We really are different than anything that is out there musically and conceptually.

As far as shows go, do you plan to hit the road anytime soon?

We would love to hit the road as soon as possible! When the opportunity comes, we’ll make it happen.

What do you hope to achieve as far as 2011 goes?

All we want is to spread our music and vision so everyone can experience what we have in store.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans out there?

We really appreciate all of our fans and everything they do. We’ve never had such devotion from anyone before and without them we would be nothing. Thank you everyone. <#

What does “<#” mean you tend to use it a lot, does it symbolize something meaningful to Farewell, My Love?

It’s our stitched heart. It’s used by the band & our fans :)

by Natalie Perez

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