Greyson Chance’s debut album, “Hold On ‘Til The Night”, drops this Tuesday, August 2nd. We first noticed the teen sensation when he performed his creative version of Lady Gaga’s track, “Paparazzi”, on ‘Ellen’ in 2010 and since then, we have continued to follow his rise to stardom. Chance conquered YouTube with his cover songs and original compositions. After hearing his album’s single “Unfriend You”, we are sure his triumphant ways will flow on over to the album charts.

Here is where you Shockya readers come in. We are giving you the chance to win a copy of his album, “Hold on ‘Til The Night”. This album is a must have. We predict Mr. Greyson Chance will have quite the lengthy and legendary career. To not own the foundation of his success is not the best way to start your Chance fan club. So, what you have to do for us is pretty simple. In no more than 300 words, tell us a devilish tale that caused you to be grounded by your parents. We are honoring youth in this giveaway. Whether you threw a party without your parent’s knowing, played hookey for a day or cheated on a test, we want to know about it!

Time to celebrate the days of being a teenager! You have until August 15th to impress us with your rebellious tales. Remember to post your words in the comment section of this article and to e-mail your entry to

by Lonnie Nemiroff

Greyson Chance

By lonnie

One thought on “Giveaway: Win A Copy of Greyson Chance's Debut Album”
  1. Hi! Im Jasmin and im 12… The thing that i did that i think that is very rebellious is when I was grounded for a month in computer and sneaked up to play computer. :o

    It all started when i was in 5th grade.. I had a HUGE crush on this guy… We chat on friendster share photos and posted love quotes on each walls.. That night he commented in my profile.. He told me why i changed my profile pic w/out letting him know.. I then said “why do i have to tell you?” I don’t know what got into him that night.. he then posted in my wall some words that are really insulting he posted thing like this ” you look like a cow.. die you frekish maggot go to hell u bicht” (don’t wanna spell it right) After that day we saw each other on school.. while i was on the school canteen he then shouts “JASMIN IS A MAGGOT! A FREAK SHTI!” he walks on to me  and kicks my feet.. AGAIN he posts those words in my wall.. i deleted all of them cuz i don’t wanna let my mom saw it.. He continued this attitude for like a week.. I told myself why should i let anyone do this to me? This is insulting me.. I was really mad that i posted words WORST than what he posted.. Then at that night i feel really glad that i shouted out my feelings (in the net o.o) then my mom saw that! OMG it was like 10 in the evening mom and dad were talking this made me wake up.. Then they told me to DELETE everything what i posted… and after that.. DELETE YOUR FRIENDSTER ACCOUNT! it made me cry.. Then she told me no COMPUTER for a MONTH and no CELLPHONE! I holded myself and said its just a month you can still last after that.. I was sucessful at the first 2 weeks not holding any gadget. UNTIL our dad installed SIMS 2! WHICH I’VE BEEN DYING TO PLAY!
    My sisters got to play it and i just have to watch them.. it really made me jealous!

    That jealousy made me angry.. Why do i have to suffer? (i was a kid that time) After school my friends invited me to play computer on a computer shop.. I told them that im grounded on using computer they told me to LIE to mom.. Tell her we are making our MATH project… and guess what? I did tell her that.. she believed me and gavev me some money.. we where like in the Computer 5 straight hours! It was really the most happy 5 hours in my whole life.. When i got home.. Mom was at the gate looking at me.. starring at me.. i felt really guilty.. i forgot that mom told me to only do that project in 2 hours! “I called at your friends house” i went uh oh.. “where were you this whole time?” i did’nt answered her first question.. and then when she asked again i was really scared.. Mom was like burning! I told her the truth and you know what? Another extension of not using computer.. now i have to wait another 1 month again!  xDD

    Right now.. after two years of that “TRAGIC” moment i found myself laughing about it! hahahaha…

    I hope you like my story! I’ve beenn dying to get one of Greyson’s CD !
    xoxo.. Jasmin

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