At this point, you’ve got to be living under a rock or without Internet (gasp!) to have missed the slew of photos and videos pouring out of the set of The Dark Knight Rises. Sure, information and visuals leak early all the time on big Hollywood films, but the rate at which material is oozing out of this production is colossal. Yes, it’s exciting to see Bane’s (Tom Hardy) full getup and the cast and crew working on a big battle scene, but will this ultimately ruin the experience when the final cut hits theaters on July 20th, 2012? According to Catwoman herself, Anne Hathaway, we’ve got nothing to worry about.

While promoting her upcoming film One Day, Hathaway actually trailed into The Dark Knight Rises territory herself to sing director Christopher Nolan’s praises and provide a sense of how he works …

“I’m having a lot of fun working on Chris Nolan’s ‘Batman,’ the latest Batman movie. I’m having an absolute blast doing it, but it’s very big. The thing that’s wonderful about Chris is that he is the most successful person in Hollywood at the moment, but his movies aren’t Hollywood. It feels like you’re making an indie. He’s actually a really alternative filmmaker. He just happens to have like a seven billion figure budget. [Laughs] I like to call him Hitchcock, but he blows things up.”

Clearly curious about the effect of the onslaught of unofficial imagery, I was eager to get Hathaway’s take on the situation …

They just released your first official still, but we also got a ton of unofficial material from the fans hanging around the set. How does that make you feel? Is it stealing your thunder and is there any concern about revealing too much about that final product?
It’s disappointing. I think everyone feels a slight frustration with it because those stills so undercut the work that’s being done. No, no one’s nervous about it. I mean, honestly, like, wait till you see this movie. Chris is doing insane things in it. And it’s gonna be marvelous and it’s gonna be way beyond what anyone imagines that it could be. You can’t imagine the things that he’s doing, at least I couldn’t until I read the script and I was like, ‘You’re really? Okay, you’re going there!” And it’s Chris Nolan; even the picture that he released of me, that’s not everything. That’s like a tenth of what the catsuit is. And I’ve got to say, I find it frustrating and I know he finds it frustrating, but I also think that he’s having fun with it, kind of like spooning out secrets. He has a lot more control than you think.

While it’s not a guarantee that the fan-shot material won’t wind up spoiling anything in the film, for folks concerned about the situation, this perspective should offer some relief. Clearly the cast and crew are concerned about the situation, but, if Hathaway is correct, Nolan’s got it all under control and the final cut will have far more to offer than these amateur photos and videos. It’s reassuring, but hopes are still high that the shutterbugs will lay off the spoilers for the rest of filming.

By Perri Nemiroff

Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises
Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises

By Perri Nemiroff

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