For those in tune with the news, you might have already heard that Wisconsin has had enough of their politicians and are now holding recall elections to get rid of several of their Republican legislators.

According to MSNBC, the recall has come about due to middle-class dissatisfaction with Republican Gov. Scott Walker and the legislation he and his backers have put forth with takes away power from the local public workers to bargain over labor contracts.

While two Democrat incumbents stand to lose their seats Tuesday, the news media is more focused on the six Republicans who are in danger.

If three of the six Republicans lose their seats, then the Democrats will have the majority in the Wisconsin state Congress. What happens in the recall elections will also affect the national political atmosphere. According to another article from MSNBC, if the Wisconsin recall works, then this could embolden the electorate to try to get the Wisconsin governor out of office, according to Carolyn Fiddler, the communications director for the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee.

What do you think about the Wisconsin recall elections? How do you think it could affect the 2012 elections? Give your opinions in the comments section below.

Scott Walker
Scott Walker

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