Image Entertainment is introducing the Midnight Madness series just in time for Halloween. This movie series will be out on DVD, Blu-ray and digitally September 6 and will contain classic 1980s horror films from Lakeshore Entertainment such as “Hellraiser,” “Children of the Corn,” “Elvira: Mistress of the Dark,” “Vamp,” “Creepshow 2,” and “Return of the Killer Tomatoes.”

Here are the synopsis for each film:

“Children of the Corn” (also on Blu-ray)
Based on the classic short story by Stephen King, this film is about a young couple (Linda Hamilton, Terminator 2, and Peter Horton, “thirtysomething”) stranded in a rural town in Nebraska. They are surrounded by prospering corn fields…and a terrifying secret. This horror favorite has spawned six sequels and many imitations. See how the Corn first took root!

“Elvira: Mistress of the Dark”
Wise-cracking vamp Elvira in her feature film debut! Elvira wants to put on a show in Las Vegas but she’s short $50,000. Learning that her wealthy aunt has just died, she rushes off to conservative Falwell, Massachusetts, for the reading of the will – creating quite a stir in the process. Cassandra Peterson stars in this sexy comedy hit, filled with campy chaos and scary spoofs, all poured into the lowest-cut black gown in horror movie history!

“Hellraiser” (Also on Blu-ray)
Horror master Clive Barker wrote and directed this seminal 1987 nightmare classic, featuring the first appearance of the iconic Pinhead. A story of puzzle boxes, Cenobites, ritual sadomasochism and dismemberment, this is a thrillingly perverse tale that walks the line between Heaven and Hell, between extreme pleasure and unimaginable pain. Pure ‘80s horror…

“Creepshow 2”
The rotting Creep himself is back with three gruesome tales of horror that will make your skin crawl: a cigar store wooden Indian comes to life to avenge the store owner’s brutal murder at the hands of three punks in Ol’ Chief Woodenhead. Then four teenagers become the target of a terrifying, man-eating oil slick in The Raft. The chills continue with The Hitchhiker, the chilling tale of a woman who keeps running into, and over, the same mutilated man on a lonely road. Prepare for a terrifying roller coaster ride from two masters of horror!

“Return of the Killer Tomatoes”
It’s been 25 years since the Great Tomato War, and tomatoes are still banned throughout the country. But a grassroots plot is being grown. Professor Gangrene (John Astin, “The Addams Family”) plans to turn tomatoes into perfect human replicas designed to help him take over the world! Will this bizarre plan succeed? Can the Killer Tomato Task Force spoil this insidious onslaught? Find out in the conclusion of Return of the Killer Tomatoes. Cast includes a very young George Clooney.

“Vamp” (also on Blu-ray)
Blu-ray™ debut! A group of fraternity pledges search the seedy side of the city for strippers and discover a sinister spot called The After Dark Club. But when the dancers turn out to be bloodthirsty vampires led by the kinky Katrina (Grace Jones), the evening takes on a freaky new twist. Chris Makepeace (Meatballs), Robert Rusler (Weird Science), Gedde Watanabe (Sixteen Candles) and Dedee Pfeiffer co-star in this outrageously sexy horror comedy about the wild things that happen After Dark!

More Lakeshore titles coming from Image Entertainment include:

“House & House II” (September 6)
“Return to Horror High” (September 6)
“Transylvania 6-5000” (September 6)
“Dead End Drive-In” (September 20)
“Flowers in the Attic” (September 20)
“Slugs” (September 20)
“The Stuff” (September 20)
“C.H.U.D.”(September 20)


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