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DVD Review: The Clinic


DVD Review: The Clinic

Title: The Clinic

Directed by: James Rabbitts

Starring: Tabrett Bethell, Freya Stafford and Andy Whitfield

Running time: 94 minutes, Unrated

Cameron and his pregnant wife Beth are driving cross country to visit her parents for Christmas, and they decide to stop at a hotel for the night. Cameron’s hungry and goes out to find an open restaurant, while leaving Beth asleep in the room. When he returns, Beth is missing and the police and the weird hotel manager are absolutely no help at all. Meanwhile Beth awakens in a seemingly abandoned warehouse, naked in a bathtub full of ice…and a C-section scar. As Cameron desperately searches for answers, Beth discovers she is not the only mother in the warehouse searching for her baby and also a way to escape.

Supposedly this is inspired by true events, but it seems so far fetched to be true. The mothers are all unknowingly apart of some test, run by a sadistic monster who runs a baby black-market operation. Although they feel they were abandoned and their babies stolen, another mother is not taking the separation well and is hunting them all down in order to aid her own search for her baby.

The story itself is thought provoking, but the ending was pretty flat; although killing someone with a set of keys was kind of cool; almost Jason Bourne improvisation. Andy Whitfield, whom I though was fantastic in Spartacus: Blood & Sand, was not in the film enough. Tabrett Bethell, who was in the brilliant but cancelled Legend of the Seeker gives a sincere performance as Beth. You can really sense the fear, frustration and determination of her character through her acting.

In short, The Clinic was a semi-intense thriller. There are no bonus features on the DVD besides the trailer. Andy Whitfield shows his trademark abs, so there’s a perk. No expectant mothers should watch this unless she truly believes she’s tough as nails; however, I’m betting the majority of their partners will not be allowed to leave their side until that baby is finally born lest she turn into a paranoid momzilla.

Total Rating: B

Reviewed by: JM Willis

The Clinic

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