According to MSNBC, a source close to the campaign for Rick Perry has confirmed that the Texas governor will indeed run for president. He will formally announce his intention to run at the Red State Convention in Charleston, South Carolina.

Perry’s spokesman has also told the Associated Press that Perry is running for president.

His entry into the race will cause some seismic waves in the Republican playing field, but on the whole, this “news” that he’s going to get in the presidential race isn’t that groundbreaking. For people who follow U.S. politics, Perry’s intentions have been known for a while. And news was out about his announcement in Charleston days to a week ago. So, as Stephen Colbert has said on “The Colbert Report,” this is an announcement of an announcement.

MSNBC’s comments section, people tend to think that Perry’s entrance into the race will prove to be highly effective for the Obama campaign.

Anyways, what do you think about Perry getting into the race? How much do you think it’ll change the political landscape? Do you think anyone in the Republican Party–Perry included– is a viable candidate for president? And do you think that Perry being in the race means that the Democrats’ prayers have been answered? Give us your opinions in the comments section below.

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