The Ames Straw Poll occurred this past Saturday, and the results are, if you’re a Michele Bachmann fan, fantastic.

According to CNN, Bachmann has won the straw poll, beating out the eight other Republican candidates including Texas Rep. Ron Paul. Bachmann thanked her followers for the win, saying to the crowd, “This is the first step toward taking the White House in 2012. And you have sent a message that Barack Obama will be a one-term president. This is a wonderful down payment on taking the country back–and it started in Iowa.”

Bachmann garnered 4,823 votes, closely beating Paul, who got 4,671 votes. Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Paulenty came in third with 2,293 votes, but he ended up dropping out of the presidential race (which will be discussed in the next Daily Shock article!)

From what I have seen of Bachmann, she is along the lines of Sarah Palin (who still hasn’t announced if she’s going to become a candidate), but for some reason, seems much more marketable than Palin has been for the Republican Party/Tea Party, despite some grossly inaccurate things she has said concerning the history of America. She is a force for the Republican Party now, but the race is still young.

Source: CNN.

Michele Bachmann

By Monique Jones

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