Tripoli, Libya has come under the rule of the resistance fighters and that turn of events has led to the release of journalists from several different news outlets.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, foreign journalists were released by Libyan forces who were holding them in the Rixos hotel Wednesday. The hotel the journalists were kept in had no electricity and water and food were in short supply.

CNN senior international correspondent Matthew Chance kept the Twitterverse and television audiences updated with news via Twitter and television, and announced Wednesday morning through Twitter “Rixos crises ends. All journalists are out! #rixos.”

According to MSNBC, even though journalists and anti-Gadhafi rebels are celebrating the Tripoli takeover, Gadhafi is still telling his supporters to “fight to the death,” according to what Hassan Droy, a spokesman for the rebel National Transitional Council, told Reuters.

Gadhafi has also vowed to fight “until victory or martyrdom” and wants the people of Tripoli and people in the surrounding areas to free Tripoli from “devils and traitors”.

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You can read more about the Libyan crisis here at The Hollywood Reporter and here at MSNBC.

Gadhafi and President Obama

By Monique Jones

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