Music videos that tend to win us over are the unpredictable ones mostly because they are able to hold our attention from start to finish. Yes, we enjoy our fair share of love stories, which start off with love at first sight then move to your typical love struggles then end in happily ever after, but we get bored with these plots. It is great to watch those music videos that capture the randomness our own lives seem to undergo.

The video that resurrected these thoughts was that of the tune, “Like A Star”. The Bassanova and Moradzo track, which features Calibe, is already a feel good song even without the imagery, but the tune’s music video takes the song to nirvana. Bassanova and Moradzo provide the house music energy with nightclub scenes in the video, while Calibe gives us the quirky edge our unpredictable sides crave for. We prefer to watch the comedic clips of Calibe, but in general the “Like A Star” video keeps our attention from beginning to end with the three artists’ spontaneity.

Click here to watch Calibe bust a move or two on an uninterested man and to see Bassanova and Moradzo amp up an audience.

by Lonnie Nemiroff

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