Walking Dead’s new show runner Glenn Mazzara, who’s credits include Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior and the TV series Crash, told the press this past week (per TV Guide) that when it comes to him running the hit zombie series, fan shouldn’t fret. “There’s been all this can concern that I’m going to f*ck up the show, and really, we’re just trying to get it done.” The fact that Frank Darabont (who stepped down to executive producer for unknown reasons) did a fair amount of work on the finer details of season 2 is also plus, making Mazzara’s new job “a smooth transition,” with the sophomore season “a fully articulated world.”

Mazzara, who penned one episode of Walking Dead in season one, and the cast and crew, also revealed the series’ new year will be more eventful than the last. Season two “is just jam-packed,” Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead’s comic book creator) shared. “It’s a much bigger season than the first season. There’s a lot going.”

AMC’s Walking Dead will premiere on October 16th at 9/8 c., in a new two hour season opener. Airing seven episodes consistently, the show will then break for 11 weeks with a scheduled cliffhanger, sending fans into a frenzy until returning in February. Check out the preview clip of what’s to come below.

The Walking Dead

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