If you love the classic fairy tale “Red Riding Hood,” then you might want to prepare yourself before watching the awesomely gruesome trailer for the upcoming “Dog Soldiers: Legacy” web series and “Dog Soldiers” sequel. The trailer, “Dog Soldiers: Red,” which is certainly not for the faint of heart, is below the post. Also below are some production stills.

D. Eric Allen, Kismet vice president, produced the Ryan Lightbourn-trailer and many of his family members cast, including his grandmother Pat “Nan” Allen who plays the anxious grandmother and his sister Emmy Allen who portrays “Red”.

The trailer was shot in a weekend in Northern Arkansas in August 2011. “The trailer brings back a sense of the unique werewolf style that we have all come to love from the original Dog Soldiers film” said D. Eric Allen, Kismet vice president. Allen, who also produced the teaser, is the oldest son of David E. Allen, producer and financier for the 2002 film.

If you are unfamiliar with “Dog Soldiers,” the first film, released in 2002, followed a British squad on a training mission who come face to face with werewolf terrors in the highlands of Scotland. The second film is currently in pre-production, with the web series leading up to the sequel’s release.

Make sure to visit kismetnet.com to learn more about “Dog Soldiers”.

Dog Soldiers 1

Dog Soldiers 2

Dog Soldiers 3

By Monique Jones

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