Whether we like to admit it or not, we love to be scared every once in awhile. There’s a fun, jolting thrill about walking down a haunted maze and not knowing what to expect when you turn the corner. Will you see gore that you could only imagine in the sickest corner of your mind? Will a weapon-wielding maniac run after you? Are you anywhere closer to finding the exit and getting out of this nightmare? It’s such a terrifying and exciting rush that keeps plenty of people flocking to theaters watch the latest horror movie or, in this case, attending Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights.

For the past few years Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights over here in Los Angeles has turned into one of the biggest events that takes place between late September to October 31st. Our favorite horror movies are brought back to life in order to reach a new level of terror in our minds as people brave it out and go through the mazes concocted by the most twisted and creative minds out there. The one that leads them all is Halloween Horror Nights’ Creative Director John Murdy, the man who helped made the event more amazing than before.

A select few of us got the chance to participate in a walk-through of the “Hostel: Hunting Season” maze with John Murdy and Art Director/Production Designer Chris Williams. He first began by talking about how Eli Roth first approached him at last year’s Eyegore Awards. Next thing you know they were collaborating on bringing the “Hostel” films to life in the form of a Halloween Horror Nights maze. “Eli’s played a big role in this,” says Murdy. “When Chris (Williams) and I started talking to him, he had a lot of creative ideas. He also had some creative ideas that when I went back to ‘Hostel’ I noticed some weren’t in there. He came up with some original ideas to add to this as well, so this has been a pretty big collaboration with him.”

Although the area wasn’t decorated at all during the time of our visit, the first thing John Murdy began describing to us was the little things that would be happening in line as people waited to go inside the maze. “This is an Eli (Roth) idea and I dug it… When you’re coming down the line we put this separate audio system here so we could take full advantage of Slovakian big-haired rock. The characters in ‘Hostel’ are always hanging out in clubs and being approached by hot girls so we have some hot girls. We have these two hot Eastern European girls. Their job is to flirt with the people in line but also entice you to go to the ‘art show.’ Then you hear all these sounds of torture…” Take a look below at some of the pictures we took in the Hostel: Hunting Season maze and get a good look at what you’ll be seeing in a week.

Creative Director John Murdy welcomes us to the beginning of “Eli Roth’s Hostel: Hunting Season” maze.

A better shot of HHN’s Creative Director at the start of the maze.

One of the first unfortunate souls who didn’t make it through the maze.

Mr. Murdy describing to us the first excited client who’ll be dying to know how you’ll slaughter your victim.

You’re then brought through a hallway where there’s weapons galore for clients to choose.

A better look at the vast array of weapons a client can use on their victim.

Mr. Murdy once again, this time in the “Waiting Room” where hooded victims unknowingly wait to be selected.

Another wonderful example of the selections clients can choose from in order to properly dissect their victim.

One can only assume that hair used to be attached to somebody head, that is if they still have it.

A wonderfully bloody prop used for the head and previously used in a couple of other Halloween Horror Nights mazes. Can anybody guess which ones?

Murdy describes the inexplicable amount of torture being done on one body in this room. Wait until you see the full carnage come September 23rd.

I think this guy forgot something.

Those legs have seen better days. Wait until you find out why they look like that.

Halloween Horror Nights
A few more unfortunate souls left out to dry, or should I say drip.

Some of you may recall the concept art released a couple of weeks ago for this “Hostel” maze. This is the pile of bodies that was shown in one of those pictures. Ta-da.

We land in the furnace room which is said to have the most wonderful smell (again you’ll find out when you go). Can anybody who went to last year’s Halloween Horror Nights tell me what maze previously used this room?

There was one more small section we walked past that was all boarded up but John Murdy and Chris Williams kept quiet over what would be in there. They said that it would be better if it were left as a surprise but it’s described to be one of the “sickest” things they’ve ever put in one of their mazes. Looks like we’ll just have to figure out exactly what that is when Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights in Los Angeles opens on September 23rd at 7 PM.

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