Even though, he passed his crown over to Scotty McCreery this past year, American Idol season 9 winner Lee DeWyze has still got it. Just listen to his brand new single, “Never There” and feel the DeWyze spark all over again. The track, which just dropped via WuLi Records, takes a more somber route, but allows DeWyze’s vulnerability to be exposed with help from his raw and grungy vocals. The single’s instrumentals are so on key with the emotions expressed vocally that the track explodes with passion.

Once fans purchase “Never There” on iTunes, they can send their iTunes invoice to lee4free@lewwdewyze.com and get a free track featuring Lee DeWyze as a thank you gift! Click here to download “Never There”. We suggest you send your invoice to that email address above before you listen to DeWyze’s tune. Your excitement about the track will most likely cause you to forget about emailing your invoice. Your finger would rather click replay than send.

With an awesome single out and a free track available, all we have to say to you DeWyze is job well done. You have proved that American Idol won’t fade away with all the X Factor buzz.

by Lonnie Nemiroff

Lee DeWyze

By lonnie

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