Actress Jennifer Aniston is back in the spotlight, talking about her soon to air Lifetime presentation entitled ‘Five’. The year long project, that delves into Cancer and how one deals with such a life changing diagnosis. Initially Aniston knew it would take some hard work, but she says she got “way more involved in this than any other thing I had my name on.”

A special collaboration, Five contains the work of not only Aniston, but her acting peers Patricia Clarkson, Rosario Dawson and Jeanne Tripplehorn, as well Demi Moore and Alicia Keys on board as directors. Airing Monday, October 10th at 9pm est., Aniston says she “just can’t wait for people to see it. Making a film that’s special is wonderful, but when it’s actually dealing with a cause and dealing with something that attention needs to be paid to, that’s just something that fills you in such a way that it’s indescribable.”

Enlisting the help of her former Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman, the two teamed up to develop what they call “a film in five films.” Happy about the intense work she put into the Lifetime presentation, Aniston added that she “just loved the idea of this woman being told that she has a death sentence and she finally decides to start living her life because she’s been given a death sentence, and then she’s given another chance. The theme of it just really spoke to me, about living in the moment and just being aware.”

Jennifer Aniston in Five Screening

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