Elizabeth Banks has made her mark as a successful actress, and now she’s making her mark as a successful television producer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Banks and her husband, producer/author Max Handelman, have sold “Dave’s Dead,” a single-camera comedy to Fox. The project comes from 20th Century Fox Television and seems to be tapping into the macabre-loving portion of television audiences who tune into shows like “The Walking Dead”; “Dave’s Dead” is being called a mash-up of “My Name is Earl” and “Shawn of the Dead.” Sounds intriguing.

While Banks and Handelman will act as non-writing executive producers, Eric D. Wasserman and Eric Siegel will act as writers and executive producers.

I think this could be a very interesting show, especially for a network like Fox. I do have a suspicious feeling about it, though–it seems like this show has the potential to be a great show for the wrong network ala “The Playboy Club” for NBC. That show did have the potential to be great, but it could only be great with a higher rating, and for a higher television rating, it had to be on a higher cable network. Since “Dave’s Dead” is obviously going to have zombies in it, how will the zombie aspect be treated on the (mostly) family-friendly network? Will people actually get eaten, or will it be a sanitized version of zombie life, as it were? I guess we’ll see–no use in being cynical about it and the show hasn’t even filmed an episode.

What do you think about this comedy? Give your opinions below.

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By Monique Jones

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