Melodic death metallers Your Chance To Die from Columbia, South Carolina have been at it since 2007. By creating a sound all their own blending the use of death metal with melodic melodies that truly make a unique source of musical magic. Their brutalizing sound comes at a price of their live intense show that with all shows leads to music build hence their first full-length album and self release. Following this was more writing and music making that forth to their second full-length album “Suscitatio Somnus”. Frontwomen Missi Avila gives us her time in discussing the band’s latest triumph and where the band will be spotted next.

So who is Your Chance To Die?

We are Missi Avila (vocals), Coca Avila (guitar), Daniel Todd (drums), Chase Crouch (guitar), and Josh Crawley (bass).

If you had Your Chance To Die would you? If so, how would you do it?

Only if it was for a good cause like my kids or something to help fight for the helpless. Oh… whatever way it came to me I suppose. If I were dying for someone then it wouldn’t really matter… but I do really hate the idea of drowning.

Where did the band name come from is there a story to tell?

It is a modification of a book title ‘A Chance to Die’ by one of my favorite authors. This book is the autobiography of a missionary to India who rescued little girls and boys from temple prostitution. She really gave her entire life to service and that is our challenge to all.‘Your chance to die’ to yourself and live for a greater cause.

Let’s talk music you’ve releaed a demo, EP, and 2 LP’s out of all of that material which do you think is your best work?

It would definitely be the new album ‘Suscitatio Somnus’. It is a culmination of 4 years of hard work, maturation and dedication to becoming better musicians.

Tell me the differences between “Verdict for the Gods” and “Suscitatio Smnus”.

When we wrote Verdict we were more of a metalcore band with some deathcore elements. We have grown and matured since that album and now have more of a deathcore/melodic death sound. What’s interesting is now our newer music (which will go on the 3rd full length) reflects more melodic death and technical death metal.

What do the lyrics consist of?

Every song has a different feel and was written for a different group of people. There are songs written for a complacent and dying generation, hypocritical church members, etc. and there is one song that is about child prostitution.

What was it like working with producer Jamie King on the new record?

It was just simply amazing. He made us feel comfortable, and he being a perfectionist really gave us a very clean sound. He had lots of good advice for an up and coming band and was all around a great producer to work with.

How do you think he’s helped you guys musically?

Honestly, he didn’t change our sound any on the record. That is 100% us, but he gave us that clean sound that really brought out each instrument. He helped us a lot with his knowledge of the music industry though.

You signed with Red Cord Records over the summer, what was running through your mind when it happened?

That it was going to be our big break. We knew we had reached with limits of what we could do for ourselves and needed someone to help us take another step up. It was a great move for us.

Which way do you think you liked better self-releasing your first full-length or having it be released through a record label?

It was easier. Distribution happened without us having to do anything. We are now out in Hot Topic and FYE stores as well as on all online sites. They got it where it needed to go and our job has been to sell copies at shows. It has been so much easier than when we tried to self release the first album.

What about shows will you be hitting the road during the remainder of this year or saving it for the New Year?

Missi: We’ve got a couple of mini tours planned through the end of the year and we always stay busy on the weekends hitting SC, NC, TN and GA. We are hoping to get down to Florida right after Christmas and have a 2 week tour planned in February for Mexico and Central America.

Tell me about the music video for “Annuit Coeptis”.

This was our first music video ever so it was kind of strange performing in front of a camera. We had a lot of fun and when we recorded our second video for ‘Requiem for the Blessed Damned’ it was a lot easier bc we already knew what to expect. Also, the video for annuit was filmed outside in the freezing cold. And I really hate the cold!

What do you think sets your female fronted version of a metal band, in comparison to all the others out there?

Well, I don’t want to get in trouble with any other bands, but to be honest I don’t like the image that most females in metal are setting for their fans. I have been laughed at for looking like a guy, but I have enough self confidence that I don’t need the fishnet and corsets to make me feel good about myself. I consider myself to be a blue jeans and t-shirt kind of girl and a lot of guys are surprised at that. I want to show the other ladies out there that you don’t have to make a sexual image out of yourself just because you play metal. We can be just as good as the guys, just the way we are. I think a great example of this is ‘Light this City’ who always had a down to earth kind of appearance to her.

Your Chance To Die means what to you?

It is everything. It is my mission and my goal, my fate and my destiny, whatever you want to call it. It is why I was created and it is so much more than just music. It is a lifestyle.

Is that all you got to say?

Thanks for giving me a chance to share and let us know what you guys think of the new record!

by: Natalie Perez

Your Chance to Die

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