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Interview: Landon Liboiron Talks The Howling: Reborn


Interview: Landon Liboiron Talks The Howling: Reborn

Read our exclusive interview with actor Landon Liboiron, who portrays lead character Will Kidman in the upcoming horror film ‘The Howling: Reborn.’ The movie, which is set to hit Blu-ray and DVD on October 18, 2001, is the seventh sequel in ‘The Howling’ franchise. The story follows Will as he approaches his high school graduation, and finally unites with his love interest, Eliana Wynter, played by Lindsey Shaw. The two must deal with Will discovering that he’s about to be a werewolf, his increased lust for blood and the beasts who are determined to hunt him down. Liboiron discusses with us, among other things, what attracted him to the role of Will, and what his working relationship with Shaw was like.

SY: You portray Will in the new horror film ‘The Howling: Reborn,’ which follows him as he discovers he’s a werewolf on the eve of his high school graduation. What was it about Will that attracted you to the role?

LL: The most powerful aspect that attracted me to Will Kidman was his complete lack of control. It was the perfect roll for me at the time because I was going through that inevitable “18 year old being launched into adult hood” phase of my life. So to be given the chance to apply all of that to a dark story of boy turning into man through becoming a werewolf, really appealed to me. You never really knew what Will was going to do, nor did he for that matter, and I thought that was a beautifully difficult thing to play; to have a completely innocent moral nature filled with sinful desire.

SY: How did you prepare for the role of Will?

LL: I could annoyingly say that life itself was preparing me for Will; or quite possibly the other way around. One thing I did do was listen to no other music exept for the album ‘Mama, I’m Swollen’ by the band Cursive. I thought that that album, as a whole, completely defined Will and that specific stage of his life.

SY: Given that Will transforms into a werewolf, did you perform your own stunts? If so, what was the most difficult aspect of portraying the physical role?

LL: I did some very basic stunts. No more then get tossed around here or there. However anytime you see me fly out of a window or get slammed into some piece of furniture, that was definitely the stunt team. I must say that the stunt guys on this project were so incredible. The sweetest, most dedicated, heartfelt stunt guys I’ve probably ever worked with.

SY: When Will discovers that he’s about to become a werewolf, he finally makes a connection with his crush, Eliana Wynter, played by Lindsey Shaw. What was your working relationship with Lindsey like?

LL: It was a difficult shoot, and with that being said, the cast, everyone in the cast, became an important little family. Lindsey was beautiful to work with, as she was always ready to be present with you, even if you had to fight her to do it, she was there. I miss that cast. Everyone in that cast were amazing people.

SY: You have appeared in the horror genre before, including the film ‘Attitude’ and the television series ‘The Haunting Hour.’ What is it about the horror genre that you find so appealing?

LL: What really interested me about the specific horror films that I did were the depth and human nature of the characters I got to play. They weren’t your typical horror film characters. They had wonderful substance to them.

SY: Given that Will is the lead character in ‘The Howling: Reborn,’ what was the filming process like, as compared to ‘Altitude’ and ‘The Haunting Hour,’ where you had more of supporting roles?

LL: I put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself at the beginning of filming ‘The Howling: Reborn,’ because it was my first lead. However, there wasn’t any difference in process. You did the same kind of work you do on every project you’re on. The dedication is all the same. The will power may have to increase here or there, but the dedication is always the same.

SY: ‘The Howling: Reborn’ is the seventh sequel in the popular ‘Howling’ franchise, and also serves as a reboot. Were you a fan of the series before you accepted the role of Will?

LL: To be honest I had never seen the original Howling before I did this film. I liked the first one once I watched it. It’s a classic.

SY: While filming the movie, did you feel any pressure to emulate the previous installments in the series?

LL: What’s the point in emulating anything? It’s more interesting, and challenging, to make things your own.

SY: You’re known for your television roles, including ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’ and ‘Terra Nova.’ How is filming a television series different than shooting a movie?

LL: The pace is much quicker in television. You also feel like the film belongs to you more rather than T.V. But both are incredible things to be a part of.

SY: Do you have a preference of shooting a television series over a movie, or vice versa?

LL: I just love telling good stories.

SY: Do you have any future movies lined up? Would you like to return to the horror genre?

LL: As of right now, I have another film coming out next, currently called ‘Girl in Progress,’ but other than that, I am waiting on the wings of ‘Terra Nova.’

Written by: Karen Benardello

Landon Liboiron in The Howling Reborn

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