If you think your man is cheating on you, you might want to ask him about any recent injuries in delicate areas, as that could be the death knell of your relationship. According to The Huffington Post, a surprising majority of men indulging in cheating have penile fractures. I know it sounds odd, but apparently, there’s a study to back this conclusion up, and it’s rather reasonable once you read it.

According to a study of 16 penile fracture patients between 2004 and 2011 by Dr. Andrew Kramer, a urologist assistant professor of surgery at the University of Maryland Medical Center, half of the patients reported to having an affair when their injury occurred. “If a guy is having an extramarital affair or he’s rushed or in a weird place, the situation is different [somehow],” he said to The Huffington Post. “I think the time you don’t see a lot of men fracturing their penises is in the bedroom with his wife that he’s been married to for a number of years.

The study also shows that the men who were in affairs were also having sex in unusual locations during the affair. This backs up what Dr. Kramer said about when and where the injury might occur.

You can read the full report on this at The Huffington Post. Of course, the study is observational and doesn’t test a wide range of subjects, so don’t think that penile fractures only come from affairs. But still, at least you have one new way of sussing out your suspicious significant other. Write your opinions about this story in the comments section below.

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By Monique Jones

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