I’m not Twi-hard, but I’m almost positive that most of the fans of “Twilight” recognize that Edward’s afraid of getting Bella pregnant, but not to the degree that Kristen Stewart says he is.

Access Hollywood interviewed Stewart and Robert Pattinson about the first part of the final chapter of the film series, and Stewart said that Pattinson’s character is “terrified” of Bella having a child by him.

“Bella obviously wants to have the baby and Edward is just terrified of it and thinks it will destroy her and thinks that she’s ridiculous for thinking she’s strong enough to have a vampire baby,” she said. ‘He thinks it’s just like Satan’s spawn, because that’s how he feels about himself.”

I’m an outsider to the whole “Twilight” universe, but if he’s so afraid of having a child, why in the world would he not wear some sort of protection when having sex? Why go to the max and have headboard-breaking sex that all of the movie-goers will soon be privy to when the film hits theaters November 18? At least be modest with the intercourse. All I’m saying is, for him to be so worried, he sure wasn’t worried enough, if you get my drift.

However, I’m no Twi-hard. If you are a Twi-hard, you might be interested in reading the full interview with Pattinson and Stewart, and tell me why Edward is more worried than I think he is in the comments section below.

Vampire Baby in Breaking Dawn

By Monique Jones

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3 thoughts on “Kristen Stewart: Edward Sees Bella's Baby As Satan's Spawn”
  1. There is no need to read any more of the interview… because the reason Bella gets pregnant is that Edward did not know that vampires could have children of their own. So, when he finds out that Bella is going to have his baby, he freaks out. You should at least read all of the books to find out why things are the way they are before writing about it!

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