Talk about a Daily Shock! According to The Huffington Post, America’s five-year-old ban on horse meat will be lifted. Also scary is that, according to activists, horse slaughterhouses could be running in a month.

You might be wondering how this ban got passed. According to The Huffington Post, Congress lifted the ban on slaughtering horses in a spending bill President Barack Obama signed into law November 18. The bill is designed to keep the government up and running until mid-December.

The bill didn’t set aside any money to pay for the inspections of horse meat, and those against lifting the ban say inspection for horse meat could cost taxpayers between $3 to $5 million a year. However, the USDA stated Tuesday that even though there are no U.S. slaughterhouses that produce horse meat now, federal laws would be followed and inspections would be conducted if one was open.

You can read more about this startling news at The Huffington Post. My question, however, is: WHO eats horse meat?! The site states that the last horse slaughterhouse closed in Illinois in 2007, so who was eating horses then? I’m not passing judgement, but who eats horses? And how do horses taste?

Give your opinions on this and many more questions that surround this story in the comments section below.

sad horse

By Monique Jones

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