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Exclusive: Steven Spielberg Revisits The T-Rex Roar


Exclusive: Steven Spielberg Revisits The T-Rex Roar

My inner fan girl takes over! Earlier this evening, Steven Spielberg took to the red carpet for his upcoming release, The Adventures of Tintin. Keep an eye out for the Tintin coverage closer to the film’s December 21st release, but for now, we’ve got something for all you Jurassic Park diehards out there.

As Jurassic Park is my favorite film of all time – yes, you can certainly quote me on that – it should come as no surprise that I legitimately wake up to the roar of Spielberg’s T-rex every morning. After schvitzing quite a bit as Spielberg made his way closer and closer to my spot on the pressline, the time came and I went with my gut – I whipped out my iPhone and showed Spielberg my alarm clock.

What better segue to ask about Jurassic Park 4? Sure, it’s been beaten to death at this point, but my T-rex wakeup call did lead to an enthusiastic, albeit new news-less, discussion. Check it out for yourself below.

By Perri Nemiroff

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